T-5000 Troll Pro

T-5000 Troll Pro
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 Another easy to remove but very secure and stable trolling bar


Features of this bar include: 

•    1” Stainless steel 16 gauge bar that can be cut to size to fit your boat
•    1/2" Diameter vertical stems fit any 1/2" base, so you can mount it to the deck, gunnels, or existing rails
•    Can also be mounted to Extreme Fishing Concepts Bases requiring no holes to be drilled.
•    Requires 215-B Clamp Bases and any 3/8” Rod Holders such as Driftmaster Li'l Pro Rod Holders (Sold Separately)
•    Or 205-B Clamp Bases and any 1/2” Rod Holders such as Driftmaster Pro Rod Holders Or Santee Rod Holders (Sold Separately)


This system cannot be ordered from our website.  You must call us so we can help you design this system to fit your needs.

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