T-250-H T-Bar

T-250-H T-Bar
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Spider rig for crappie? This is your system. Equipped with Li'l Pro rod holders The T-250-H is designed for spider rigging (slow trolling jigs or minnows). The Li'l Pro rod holders offer the versatility of side trolling as well because of the "U" shaped front.

  • Unique patented design utilizes a super strong 18” x 1 1/2" diameter tube for the vertical stem.
  • Comes complete with (4) 214-B Round Rail Bases and (4) 210-H Rod Holders
  • Polished stainless base mounts flush and secures with four screws for strength
  • Unlimited rod adjustment
  • Easy to turn out of the way of trolling motors or walk ways then turn back and tighten securely to get back to fishing.
  • Can be removed and disassembled for storage in about ten seconds.
  • Polished stem and T-bar means your system will look as good as it works.


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