Planer Boards and Parts

Planer boards are designed to assist fishermen in covering more area and fish more lines at one time.  Planer boards also allow the fishermen to fish baits in areas previously considered inaccessible and at several different controlled depths all at once.  One side of the boat can be running baits over shallow points or flats while the other side is fishing deeper areas of the channel.


While planer boards are especially effective for trolling, they will also work in current from an anchored boat or even while fishing from the bank. Fishermen can stay on the bank and work controlled depth baits in the middle of the moving water.


With a planer board you have complete control over the depth of your bait at any distance you want to place it. To control the depth, simply increase or decrease the length of the line between the planer board and the bait or lure. To increase or decrease the distance of the planer board from the boat, you simply reel in the line or let out more line.


Some planer boards are designed to only run in one direction while others are reversible and can be used to run right or left.


While planer boards are very effective tools, they are still misunderstood by many fishermen and under utilized by others.  Proper use of planer boards can lead to many more successful trips.