P400 Release Float OUT OF STOCK

P400 Release Float OUT OF STOCK
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Float Length: 4" Total Length: 5"

Saltwater: If your fishing closer to shore with gizzard or threadfin shad, shiners, herring or bunker these floats with a 2 or 3oz weight is a great rig to get you hooked up with Stripers and Tuna on a consistent basis. For warmer water use the P400 for Tarpon, Cobia, big Bull Redfish or live line for Tuna and Dorado.

Freshwater: The P400 is great for Stripers, Muskie and Northern Pike. If you fish for big Largemouth in Florida with Balloons help the environment out and use this float over and over again. This float can handle those big shad you use and easily releases to fight that fish of a lifetime!


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