Extreme's "PLAIN JANE" Planer Board

Extreme's "PLAIN JANE" Planer Board
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The new Extreme "Plain Jane" Planer Board is designed for heavy duty use.  Made of aluminum and using stainless steel snaps, this board should last forever.  It answers the need for a planer board that will support and work with artificial baits as well as live bait.  The board is 10 inches long and 4 inches high with a 5 inch mast and an Off Shore Tackle Planer Board Adjustable Tension Release.  The Extreme Board features flotation foam that will not easily chip or flake off and the color is built into the foam.  The Extreme Board is also easily reversible which means it can be used as a left hand or right hand planer board and is therefore sold individually.  As we say here in the South--"This dog will hunt!"

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